About Levasis Ministries

Name & Mission


Levasis is formed by combining the words "lever" and "assist". Together they reflect the mission and vision of Levasis:


We want to provide

a lever to help lighten the load off our clients and
assist leaders and their teams to achieve their vision and
together advance the cause of Christ


(Levasis is pronounced lĕv-ä-sĭs.)




Levasis Ministries was founded by Loren Lillestrand in 1987.


As the former US Field Director for Campus Crusade for Christ International, Loren directed 2600+ full-time staff serving in sixteen different ministry divisions. He utilized many consultants to help improve the functioning and focus of the ministry.


Loren realized that many ministries lacked the resources and funding to afford quality consultants. That's when he formed Levasis.


Levasis, through the fund-raising efforts of its own team of consultants, is able to offer faith-based organizations (especially smaller and turn-around ministries) desperately needed help at greatly discounted prices. Levasis supported services are discounted at least 50% off from most consultants' fees. (Services may be discounted as much as 75-90% or even free in some cases.)


Since 1987, Levasis has provided significant help to more than 100 ministries.


Levasis services include Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Process Improvement, Human Resources, Fund Development and Communications.


Our goal is to resource ministries and together advance the cause of Christ.


Helping Leaders * Building Teams * Developing People